Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

Or so Dory said in Finding Nemo.  She was such a cute and funny character for that movie and lately I've found myself saying that over and over when I just need to plow through and get things done.  My twins' birthday is coming up and I've had lots of stuff to do in preparation.  Not to mention, my youngest daughter's birthday was just barely 3 weeks ago so I just got through that whirlwind only to get ready for another.  In between I had a craft show that I was so excited about, and geared up for but some of my supplies that I had ordered way back didn't come in in time.  I've also taken on the role of Office Manager for my husband's business so I have lots going on.  I couldn't believe a week had slipped by without me posting.  I'm trying to be very faithful in my blog this time, though honestly I feel like I'm just journaling right now as I don't receive a lot (if any!) comments on my posts most of the time.  Sort of makes me feel like I'm just talking in myself.  HAHAHAHAHA!  What a funny thought!

So for today I want to share with you some recent projects I created using one of my all time favorite stamp sets from SU called Artistic Etchings.  As I've mentioned, I love vintage things and this stamp set fit the bill perfectly.  I also recall wanting an Eiffel Tower stamp just before this set came out as our family was planning to travel to Europe and Paris was one of our stops.  Next thing you know, SU came out with just what I needed.

Here's my first card and the more "vintage" of the two:
And for a more softer, yet clean look, I like this card:
Hope you like my projects for today...quick post that I know that some followers out there with busy "To Do's" will appreciate.  Take care and see you back here soon!

God bless and Happy Stamping!



  1. Just keep talking!
    Nice cards.
    Why am I considered a "follower" but not a "friend"? Answer me that!

  2. u r cracking me up w/ the "talking 2 myself in cyberspace" comment!! hahaha